Friday, May 2, 2014

Upcycling Garlic Breadstick Box

I love pizzas and garlic bread and the dip which comes along with it. My current favorite is roasted pepper dip . I ( correction "we" before Preethy kicks me!) have a weakness as stated above but with any home delivery of food, comes the container/boxes they comes in, and hence, disposing it is an issue. The good thing about Dominos, is their packaging is only cardboard, with none of the shiny stuff. We were discussing various ways of disposing it off. Well, the obvious way would be for it to go part of our recycle pool, but we thought of Upcycling it. We have played around with upcycling, by converting paper into pillow fillings, and using TetraPak for lining our kitchen drawers.  So we decided to reuse our beloved Garlic Bread boxes by converting it into something useful with in the home. 
So we decided to wear art and craft hats and turn it into something useful and fun.( btw I used to really suck at it and even had tough time  covering my notebooks with brown paper!). 
Here is what you need  
1. As many garlic breadstick boxes are you have (We used 5 of them )
2. Adhesive, like Fevicol
3. News paper, 
4. Scissors  and 
5. An old place mat or anything for that matter (we used an old bamboo place mat)
6. and little bit of imagination. 

Garlic Bread boxes, all cleaned from the inside out. (No, Domino's isn't a must but we love these)
Apply Fevicol , mainly on edges so that 3 of them stick together 
To make it stable, stick boxes on the top and bottom of the boxes

Cover it with layers of newspaper as you would  gift wrap a box 

Stick the mat on top, to ensure it covers atleast 3 regions of the Ottoman

TaDaa! Ottoman can also double as a stand for mugs, as the mat is easily cleanable. 
and it fits snugly under our sofa ! (With our paper-filled pillows on top of it)
Hence instead of giving it off to recycler , the boxes are reused , Up-cycled to be precise to a ottoman/footrest/mug holder/pedestal to keep plates and eat while sitting on ground( We like to eat sitting on our cool terracota floors nowadays, given the rising temperatures in bangalore).

What do you think of it? Have you up-cycled your pizza boxes? Please let us know! And if you're feeling very generous, we always appreciate free pizzas and garlic breads ;).

Speaking of pizza boxes, we have an interesting update on that. Coming up!

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