Friday, July 26, 2013

Some Updates

It has been sometime since we wrote. So, some updates!

We are so excited that two of our articles got published in The Alternative. For the uninitiated, it is I think the best repository available about local (mostly Bangalore) specific sustainability living. We are big fans of it, and most of the stories they write, really inspire us.

I met with people from this magazine during my course, and that's how they got to know of what we did.  So two of our popular blog posts, are published here and here.  Their editors, Arati and Makepeace, were very helpful guiding us with our article. If you guys are reading this, thank you!

I hope this is the beginning of a long lasting collaboration.

In other news, we had Ashwin's parents visiting us the last couple of weeks. We visited Our Native Village for a weekend, and enjoyed to the hilt! Details of what we liked and did there in the following post!

Also, we discovered myEcoDay through The Alternative. They have some really cool solar gadgets, as well as, (I think) first of a kind, a bunch of DIY stuff for building your own solar chargers etc.
I picked this solar charger up and it was door delivered within 2 days. First impression, it is SO LIGHT! Currently, we're trying to use this charger for our "outdoor" travel, as we don't have a charger in our car. We will post our experience using it after we've tried it out for a while.

Light and Portable!

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