Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our tryst with water

Two years back, we closed the deal on an apartment in one of Jayanagar's oldest apartment complexes, Shanti park, and began rebuilding the house to suit our sensibilities.  The theme generally incuded locally sourced, sustainable, recycled, and most importantly water conservation. Being an older complex built with the belief that water is non perishable, there is no provision for water conservation, grey water recycling out here. So we set out to have an in-house system. Atleast as much as possible. We discussed various ideas with our architect, who is my good friend, part of "Pillars and Arches" and came up with a couple of ideas which we developed. We also developed awesome convincing abilities, because everyone, starting from the plumber we shortlisted, to our family, laughed at us, calling us "nuts"
Anyway, these are the things we got done:
1. Individual valves for each water consuming room to shut off supply in case repairs were required
2. Enabling every wash basin, sink outlet to have dual outlets for future grey water "harvesting"
3. Our pet project and continuing experiment,  recycling washing machine water for flushing.
Details of these experiments and more in future posts !

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