Monday, April 22, 2013


one of the many words our friends and family have used some times to address  "me & P" ( preethy my wife and my lab partner in these experiments ) . yeah some of the things we have tried at our house have seemed nutty and i am sure either of us would not have tried it alone this is jus some of experiments we "nuts" have done at our home to embrace sustianbility in environmental sense mostly .
Since title is Nuts ..will start with washing with nuts ( not cashew, ground, walnut) ..but soapy nuts ...which is the medium we use for washing clothes . these are basically Ritha which indians have been using donkey number of years before we got hit by convenience boom its essentially a fruit which has soap content to wash the clothes.but the process of washing using them is what is enjoyable and involved . the following is what u do (This is for a front loader, like our LG Tromm DirectDrive)
1. get soapy nuts either from link mentioned below or if you can figure out somewhere locally it would suit you. We normally buy ours from OR our local organic store, Adi-Naturals ( This time around, my in-laws gifted us with the Auroville, lavender scented soapy nuts! 
2. Get an old sock (or the muslin pouch that comes along with the bag'o nuts)
3. Put around 7-10 of the lil rithas into it, soak it in warm water. (We sometimes add some essential oils like citronella, lavender, tea-tree etc, which we picked up on our trips to Goa/ Wayanad) 
4. You can also add couple of drops of disinfectant like Dettol. 
5. Leave it for about 10-15 min, while you load up your washing machine. 
6. Then, take the sock out, dunk it into the machine along with the rest of your dirty laundry, and pour the liquid into your soap inlets. 
7. Run your machine , and welcome clean, soft, awesome smelling clothes!

We reuse the same set of rithas for 2 (sometimes 3) wash cycles. Once done, the used soapy nuts are fed to Mr. Composter. 

So completely biodegrraded! (Not just biodegradable!)

Two other reasons for us using Soapy Nuts were:
1. Economy. A bag of soapy nuts costs around Rs 250, and lasts us about 100 wash cycles!
2. As mentioned in our post on Water Conservation, our Washing Machine recycling system didn't go too well with soap powder/liquid, as they leave deposits on the plumbing and cause blockages. 

So this sums up out continuing nutty adventure! 

We're not too big on pictures, but they should start coming along shortly. 

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